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What Is A Payment Gateway And Why Do I Need It?

Understanding Payment Gateways

Payment gateways are a vital part of the e-commerce experience, because, well, you need to get paid! While the act of purchasing a product or service online may seem as simple as a few clicks, this is really a much more extensive process, involving the merchant, issuing and acquiring banks and the customer.

What does a payment gateway do and why are they so important?

Payment gateways are the technology that enables a customer to make a purchase online. The customer UI typically consists of a series of checkout screens that allow the customer to select a payment method, provide card or alternative payment details, and then complete payment using some sort of two-factor authentication with the customer’s bank. Sensitive card information is tokenized, with the most secure providers being PCI DSS Level 1 certified. It is this tokenisation that allows one-click and subscription payments as well.

Our new partnership with Peach Payments, embracing innovation.

With a smooth, fast and secure payment gateway being such a vital part of a successful ecommerce business, we are proud to announce our partnership with Peach Payments.

Since starting up, Peach Payments has been growing exponentially as they pursue their purpose of helping entrepreneurs and businesses in Africa develop and succeed in digital commerce. Our partnership with Peach means that our clients will have access to better solutions, as well as always being ahead of the payments technology curve.

Through our partnership with Peach, we aim to provide our clients with a faster and simpler route to market with best of breed technology. Peach Payments takes pride in offering the complete toolkit for ecommerce payments. A developer-first approach makes it easy to integrate into a variety of ecommerce platforms while a strong focus on mobile ensures a fully responsive experience across devices.

It’s crucial for online payments to take place seamlessly and without friction, which is why the Peach Payments CopyandPay card widget keeps the user on the merchant’s site, while their multi-payment checkout keeps redirects to a minimum and ensures merchant experience continuity through a clean UI and appropriate branding.

A convenient, tokenized card storage feature means checkouts and subscription payments are made in just one click.

A secure gateway leads to a satisfied customer

Using an innovative and secure PCI DSS Level 1 payment gateway such as Peach Payments also allows consumers to feel comfortable when making a purchase. They know that their data is protected and the shop they are purchasing from is trustworthy,which is a major concern for many online shoppers.

Greater payment varieties add ease and accessibility

Peach Payments allows for payments through all major credit cards (including international cards like AMEX and Diners Club) as well as a host of alternative payment methods, such as Instant EFT, Apple Pay, Mobicred and others. This is vital as it enables ease of payment for customers, increases accessibility and ensures that customers can retry a payment if their initial payment method failed.

Please contact us if you need help or advice regarding payment gateways.
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