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Success of with Ecommerce Brands

Success of with Ecommerce Brands

Importance of reviews for eCommerce brands

The internet is now evolving to be a forum where consumers evaluate products and services based on impressions and feedback from other, like-minded consumers. This is why it’s fundamental to ensure you’re taking full advantage of all social proof such as reviews and testimonials when it comes to your marketing efforts.

What is is a trusted third party app that will help your business collect customer reviews from your happy customers, strengthen your brand, attract quality traffic and boost sales with strong social proof. You can also use the negative testimonials to see what can be improved on and consequently strengthen your brand even further. 

Not only does it reduce potential cognitive dissonance from future customers but it also strengthens your businesses credibility with authentic product recommendations and reviews. Stamped enables you to create a dedicated reviews page that shows all your site’s reviews in one convenient location, nifty right?

Letting the stats do the talking

At first, it may appear like customer reviews and testimonials are on the “nice to have” list when marketing your eCommerce business. After all, there are so many different marketing tactics competing for your attention, you may not think asking people to leave a review is really worth your time, but, like all other conclusions made at eComplete, we let the data do the talking. 

Capturing customer reviews is a powerful strategy to gain new customers, drive traffic and conversions, and increase revenue for your business. However, if you neglect this task, you’ll miss out on sales and turn away potential leads at a rate that may actually surprise you. Customer reviews are more than just proof your brand creates happy buyers. They can influence the way people find your products, trust your brand, and make purchase decisions. See the research from themselves:

Customer reviews raise conversions and revenue:

✓ Product pages that include customer testimonials increase conversions by 34% and revenue by as much as 62%.

✓ Having just nine reviews earned companies 52% more revenue, on average. Brands with 25 or more reviews achieved a 108% increase in revenue. 

✓ Higher ticket items with positive customer reviews scored a 390% boost in conversions.

They also improve search traffic:

✓ It only takes 10 or more reviews to see a positive uptick in search traffic. Many businesses surveyed earned a whopping 45% increase in traffic compared to those that didn’t share reviews.

Customer reviews encourage trust in your brand:

✓ 15% of people won’t trust a business that doesn’t offer customer reviews.

✓ 94% of people said they’d steer clear of a business with unfavourable reviews.

✓ Over half of customers surveyed said they wouldn’t buy from a business with less than a 4-star rating.

✓ 89% of consumers surveyed refuse to buy an item without reading customer reviews first. When buying from B2B companies specifically, 92% admitted they’re more likely to make a purchase after reading reviews.

✓ Four out of five consumers would change their mind if they found negative reviews about the product or company they were researching. 

Let’s see how this now works with an actual brand.

Use-case: Watch Republic

We’ve used this review site for one of our well known clients, Watch Republic, who’s seen tremendous success from this third party. Adding this data to their website and for particular products and purchases has increased sales as well as the perceived quality of their products and overall brand image, giving them a leg up compared to competitors. Besides this, it also allows the brand to keep a pulse on the public’s perception of the brand and to pivot strategies and make changes if needed in order to sustain success as an ecommerce store. 

Below are some examples of the types of reviews added to the website for  potential customers to see which is likely to also sway their decision to buy from the brand.

Final thoughts on the use of social proof

After reading this, it’s clear to see that capturing customer reviews and displaying them throughout your website, product pages, and social media will help you drive traffic, increase sales, and acquire more customers for your ecommerce business. 

And with the help of a tool like you can achieve this in a much shorter time frame. 
Learn more about eComplete’s services and partners here and see how we can grow your business through clear, data-driven solutions.

Written by Keina Mehta, CRM Manager

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