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Rethinking Location: Our New Partnership With What3words


Ask most people in the ecommerce industry, and they’ll confirm that the last step of the online shopping process is ultimately the most important. The truth is that, no matter how amazing your website is – how incredible your marketing efforts and promotions – it’s all worthless if your customers are annoyed by the process of getting their online order delivered. Now, more than ever, having efficient and effective delivery in place is key for businesses to succeed in the online space. As a leader in the ecommerce space, we’re always looking for new ways to do things and enhancements to our current solutions. It’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with the innovative What3Words.

The What3Words solution

What3Words offers a simple and intuitive way to think about locations and deliveries. Forget the headache of hoping your delivery driver finds the right entrance to a building, or whether or not customers have a valid street address. With What3Words, the world is divided into 3-square metre squares, with each square having a unique combination of three words. The result is a quick and universally reliable way to talk about location.

The real cost of a botched delivery

It’s an inevitable truth that couriers make up a chunk of your ecommerce business budget. The reality, then, is that delayed or failed deliveries can have a very real impact on your bottom line. But the problem is bigger than that: what does a bad delivery really cost your business at the end of the day? A brand is only as good as your last bad review. Ultimately, the customer experience is what defines your success as a brand in the long run. A solid and reliable delivery experience is essential in driving your brand to top and ensuring happy, repeat customers. Imagine the difference it makes when every single order is successfully delivered – as opposed to being sent back to the warehouse due to address issues or inaccessible routes. Imagine the impact it makes if every single one of your customers can pinpoint their preferred delivery spot, rather than being confined to an arbitrary street address. These things add up to seconds per customer; which in turn results in hours of saved time for you and your valued customers. Hours they can spend enjoying your awesome products and getting back to your online store to place their next orders.

Looking towards the future

The past year has catapulted the local e-commerce world ahead at warp-speed. More and more people have had to shop online due to lockdowns, and many have chosen to continue to do so thanks to the promised convenience. This rapid growth has meant that many brands haven’t had the time to figure out how to reach their newfound customer base. That’s where we come in: with a tailored end-to-end solution, eComplete offers your brand a complete ecommerce game plan. Our latest partnership with What3Words is one more step on that journey Your delivery experience shouldn’t be left to chance. We believe that this partnership will allow our clients to surmount one of the biggest challenges in the online space in South Africa – and places you on a path to reach your target market faster and more effectively than ever before. Get in touch with us today to discuss your brand’s online success.
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