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Evolving With eCommerce

Evolving With eCommerce

Great ideas start with an intense obsession to solve a problem. Working in and having a passion for digital marketing, I wanted to find a way to take great brands to the next level. eComplete marks the official launch of that adventure.

For the past four years, ROI Digital has been in a transitioning period. We’ve been looking for new ways to revolutionise the digital landscape, and found our home in eCommerce. We’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the biggest brands in the country, enabling them to reach larger markets than ever before with the help of our unique service offering.

We’d like to welcome you to the launch of eComplete: a full-service, comprehensive eCommerce provider. We’ve taken our vast knowledge of digital marketing and combined it with our passion for eCommerce, creating a fresh and innovative solution to a brand new South African challenge. 

Our mission is simple: bringing great brands to more people. The retail space is shifting every day, with consumers becoming more and more particular about what they expect from a brand. Running a store in today’s economic climate means finding new ways to excite customers and exceed expectations. Physical stores make up only one part of this equation. The rest happens online.

We’re digital obsessives, seeing the online retail space as an exciting new challenge. Using our tried-and-tested digital marketing techniques and utilising the skills of our experienced team, we’ve come up with a way to take brands online faster and cheaper than ever before. As always, we’re committed to our clients and like to think that we work in a partnership to get the results everyone wants.

The passion and drive that inspired us to launch ROI Digital is still here – reinforced with a stronger team than ever before. We are still as committed as ever to bring our existing clients the best in digital marketing, continuing to provide you with the brightest minds in strategic digital campaigns.

We welcome you to this exciting new chapter, we trust you’ll like what you see.

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Allen Jaffe (MD)

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