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An Intern Abroad’s Perspective


Being that I am still a student, I have never worked in the e-commerce business world, however in my time with eComplete I have learned that there is more to this industry than just meets the eye. Running a business is very multidimensional, and here at eComplete, every employee and department brings different assets to the table. Everyone pulls their skills together to create one cohesive product, which makes me understand how complex the ecommerce world is.

My favourite thing about coming here and working for eComplete is seeing how everyone works together as a team, a team working for the same goal. Each person must hold one another accountable for their work because they are all interconnected. I think due to this, there is an underlying incentive to produce the highest quality of work. Because each individual is a specialist in their field it allows for each person to approach the end goal from a different angle, creating a lot of diverse perspectives in the workplace. I think this is one of eComplete’s strongest attributes, as diversity helps foster a more creative approach to the typical business strategy.

The diversity here at eComplete has allowed me to explore different departments within the company – something that is uncommon in America. In exploring the different departments, I have learned about professions I never knew existed. I have learned the importance of catching a viewer’s attention through marketing and enhancing web popularity via SEO strategy, and even of importing data.  Although it may seem unrelated to the wellbeing of an e-commerce agency, I have also learned the importance of a positive and close-knit work environment.

Upon arriving to work at eComplete, one of the things that surprised me the most was the work environment and ethic. Typically, the American work environment is characterized by a strong distinction between professional and personal.  Americans tend to keep to themselves, work independently, give off a more standoff-ish vibe, and seldom leave their desk. In theory, it may seem as if this rigid, corporate structure is more beneficial, but I disagree.

Diverging from this closed- off, corporate structure, the setting at eComplete resembles a family. As mentioned before, the employees here function as a team, which allows for open communication, the exchange of ideas, and a collaborative effort. With teamwork, comes the opportunity for colleagues to get to know each other. The professional blend of personal and professional life enhances productivity because it allows for employees to feel comfortable in their work environment – which benefits both the company and clients alike.

Written by Gabriela Dasilva– Intern

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